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Erin Hercules

Exfoliating Pumice Stones

Exfoliating Pumice Stones

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These pumice stones from Guatemala are perfect for exfoliating your feet after (or during) a hot bath or shower!

These naturally occurring volcanic stones are formed when lava mixes with water and solidifies. When the lava solidifies, gas bubbles are trapped and a pumice stone is formed. Because of these bubbles, the stones are very light and they can float on water. 

Fair Trade imported from Guatemala.

Comes as a set, not sold individually.

De La Selva Artisan Story

“From The Mayan People To You” – De La Selva, located near La Antigua in San Juan del Obispo Guatemala, is a producer and global exporter of high-quality Mayan and Guatemalan handicrafts. 

Apart from providing a market to artisans for their crafts which helps to supplement the income they receive from farming, De La Selva also partners with donors and development agencies from all over the world to improve life for its producer artisans. Through various efforts, De La Selva has been able to provide basic infrastructure for artisan communities including: local school facilities, cleaner drinking water, waste management, and other services. 

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