Celebrating YOUR impact last year with Freyja Goods!

A big new year THANK YOU to all Freyja Goods Supporters and Customers!

Your purchases at Freyja Goods not only support the artisans who make our products, but also provide the funds we use in spreading the "Freyja Good" out in the world. 


2023 was our first year - we successfully launched our Freyja Goods Project in November and in just two months, with your help and purchases through November and December, we planted 8 trees (5 of which were for monarch butterfly habitats) and we made 7 new loans to women entrepreneurs. We are so grateful to all of you for joining us on this exciting journey as a company and for making our first two months matter!

Read on for more details about how you helped create positive change in the world in 2023 and for a special discount for our subscribers!


photo by Chelsea Bock accessed through stocksnap.io

(photo by Chelsea Bock, through stocksnap.io)

In just two months, our customers planted 8 trees! 3 of the trees planted were made possible through direct donations from our customers! Each time you checkout you have the option to plant a tree through our partner - One Tree Planted. They are working globally to restore ecosystems and partner with local communities to protect the environment. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

 monarch butterfly 

5 of the trees that we planted were a donation made by Freyja Goods on behalf of our customers and were part of the Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project which is working in Michoacan Mexico to convert farmland and restore forests to improve the butterfly migration corridor, plant native species, and educate local communities to protect the habitat.


1. Sevsen, a 41 year-old in Turkey who will use our loan to make and sell homemade pickles and tomato paste to support her family of 4.
2. Bernadette, a refugee and single mother from Burundi, living in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, will use our loan to add more products to the successful small store she started in the camp not only to support her children, but to create a community gathering spot. 
3. Clementine, a refugee living in a camp in Rwanda, will use our loan to increase available capital in her small business providing mobile banking access to other refugees.
4. Teodora, a Venezuelan refugee living in Peru, will use our loan to grow her (3 year-old) small business of handmade belts and jewelry.
5. Las Divinas Women's Group, an anti-poverty, small business group of 20 women in Paraguay, will use our loan to support their entrepreneurship program.
6. Zoèle, a young woman in Madagascar will use our loan to grow her small grocery store.
7. Zoara, a mother of 3 also from Madagascar, will use our loan to support operations of her small farm of pigs, cattle, and rice. 

All of our loans are made possible through our partner - kiva. You can see our global impact by clicking here get more information on the specific loans and funding partners, or join kiva yourself by clicking here.


As an additional thank you to our subscribers and return customers, you have use of a free shipping discount code to use between now and April 2024. To apply the code, enter TY2023 at checkout, our use the link below. Please note that the code only works for return customers or subscribers to the store.

Discount Link: https://freyjagoods.com/discount/TY2023


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