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Erin Hercules

Coal Dove Ornament

Coal Dove Ornament

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Coal, a derivative of carbon found deep in the earth, has been transformed by carefully hand-carving and polishing it into this dove ornament. Commonly used for fuel, this black sedimentary rock makes a unique ornament that is sure to add a festive spirit to your Christmas tree.

Handmade by young artisans from the Morca Coal Project in Colombia through an effort initiated by the Colombian government to discourage child labor and train young men in new professions.

  • Measures 1-1/4” high x 2-3/4” wide x 1-1/4” deep
  • Suspended with a red ribbon

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.

Morca Coal Project

The community of Morca, a mountainous area in the town of Sogamoso, Colombia depends heavily on coal mining to sustain its livelihoods. Casualties and deaths are common in these mines, either due to mining-collapses or the inhalation of poisonous gases. In 1995, the Colombian government established the Morca-Boyaca workshop to keep young men and boys out of the hazardous mines. The boys from the area were encouraged to attend school and learn the craft of carving coal into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Excessive and long-term mining in this small town of Morca has made farming impossible, leaving the local residents with coal mines as the only source of employment. Men and boys responsible for supporting large families are often the victims of these unforgiving mines and unsafe working conditions. The Morca – Boyaca project aims at being able to eradicate child labor in the mines and provide these young boys with a better and healthier source of living.

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